Oh man, the last few eps have been killing me! Here’s a drawing of Stiles and my own personal interpretation of the Nogitsune.

Lydia Martin for righteouspumpernickel, this time for the side project - a bunch of fanworks for Holland Roden.

The purple smoke is a reference to the wolfsbane flower imagery that was used for Lydia in season 2. Right now I’m really enjoying drawing the girls from Teen Wolf - I may attempt Kira next!

Hey guys, thanks so much for all the likes/reblogs on my art, and hello to my new followers! I’m kinda quiet and shy on tumblr, so it was awesome to see people liking my art - it really made my day!

I usually only post my illustration and fanart here, but I also do a lot of textile art and screenprinting - I may end up posting some of that work here too in the future.

Once again, nice to meet you all and thank you guys! :D

Allison Argent for the Crystal Reed Appreciation Project that’s being run by righteouspumpernickel

I had a lot of fun drawing those arrows….

Re-do of a drawing I did back in 2011, I’m really happy with how this one turned out!

Christmas present for Tammaiya - Hook from Once Upon A Time. Hope you like it! I don’t even know whats up with the ridic flowers, but they were fun to draw.